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21st Century Education

In Classroom and at Home

Our teachers utilise Education Queensland’s exclusive online learning management system, known as the “The Learning Place,” this system allows teachers to manage their class and content in a way that can be accessed anytime, anywhere by students. Students can safely connect with peers and teachers for support with class content. They can access and manage their own learning. In this environment, students can safely collaborate and participate at their own pace.

Students link up with other students in Queensland to participate in online web conferences. Here, students have the opportunity to interact and engage with industry leaders or industry experts. An example of this may be a webinar with a famous author where all students in Queensland can take turns to directly ask questions and contribute to a statewide discussion.

In secondary years, students are able to check their work for originality before their assignments are submitted online. This system is designed to assist students to accurately reference whilst simultaneously ensuring the quality of their submission. Assignments and homework can be submitted anytime, wherever there is an internet connection. All submitted assignments are time stamped to ensure equity.

College students have access to itc thinkdrive, this is a dynamic resource that makes a wide range of cognitive and co-operative thinking tools available to teachers and students. 

​Primary math students work on their iPads to complete mathematics challenges where their progress is tracked and monitored. Students are engaged and challenged to beat their own records.


Our College owns a variety of digital content tailored specifically to our students’ needs. Students have access to this digital content by way of an online video player that connects directly and securely to College video content. 

Students can log in to our online Library and Information Services catalogue from home to perform what is known as a federated search, where students can research a particular topic and receive educator verified resources and access academic resources unique to Stretton State College. Automatically expiring “eBooks” can be checked out of the library at no cost to students or students can reserve hard copies of books for borrowing.

All students have their own unique email address for direct communication with their teacher.

Subject areas utilise specific software chosen for a purpose. An example of this is Google SketchUp or Autodesk 123D Design, these free applications allow students to quickly create 3 dimensional objects and actually build what they are thinking of. These are example of tools used to engage students and promote higher order thinking. Students have access to a range of industry standard software so that they are exposed to and gain experience with using real world applications.

Industrial Design & Technology students use industry standard 3D design software to build prototypes before they produce them using the latest 3D printing technologies.

New Possibilities

Students may engage in what is know as a flipped classroom. For homework students may watch a video or investigate new subject content at home. Upon arrival at school, students can get straight to work and seek support from their teacher who is now able to spend more individual time with your student.

Devices in class encourage engagement and allow for differentiation. They assist in providing different content for diverse learning needs and allow our students to collaborate, discuss, work and respond at their own pace, experience. Effective use of technology encourages critical and creative thinking.

Modern digital devices provide a platform for a wide range of audio- visual media including books, movies, music, games, and web content. The auditory, kinaesthetic and visual capacity of the devices appeal to a variety of different learners and learning styles. Modern digital devices enable personalised learning by giving learners the responsibility and ownership to choose how they learn, when they learn and where they learn; as well as developing their organisational skills.

Children need be familiar with the technology that is commonplace in our world today. They need to be aware that technology can be a tool and is not a treat. Devices in class are not replacing how we teach, but they do allow for exciting new opportunities and we strive to embrace this. Device use is dependant upon year level / subject. Devices will only be used where they are appropriate for classroom activities. It is easy to see how effective a personal device can be in contributing towards the success of your child. At Stretton we realise this, and ensure we do all we can to provide and permit access to a range of ICT devices.