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A message from our Executive Principal

Welcome to the Stretton website. I am thrilled that you are spending time learning more about our wonderful school.

Our over-arching goal at Stretton State College is to nurture and develop each individual student so that after 13 years of education with us, they leave school with the skills, knowledge and values necessary to be a world-ready citizen. When students graduate from Stretton at the end of Year 12, they take with them the skills and attributes to make a positive difference to their world – a fast-moving world filled with uncertainty and complexity, a world where relationships need to be enhanced and nurtured.

The College opened in 2006 and has quickly forged a well-deserved reputation as a high performing school.  In 2023, our enrolment is predicted to consist of 3450 students.  As a large P-12 metropolitan school, we are in the unique position to be able to provide our students with the opportunities, choice, community and room for growth that makes a Stretton education so special.

What makes the Stretton difference?

Our staff are passionate, supportive and experts in their fields. Stretton fosters an environment of lifelong learning through ongoing professional development programs to ensure that our staff are continuously growing and building on their knowledge and skills. 

Our entire staff understand young people, and the particular way in which they learn, develop and communicate.  Our learning and extensive co-curricula programs are specifically designed to help students to become the citizens the world needs. 

We are passionate about excellence in education and helping both our students and staff to fulfil their potential and flourish as learners and people. Our school community understands and acknowledges that learning and wellbeing are inextricably linked, with dynamic and personal processes that should be cultivated. Each individual student is valued for their unique capacity to contribute to the life of the school. A sense of self-worth is encouraged, by providing an atmosphere in which every student may reach their individual potential, choosing from the many areas of learning and endeavour which our wide range of curricular and co-curricular activities provide. Our focus on positive education and wellbeing aims to develop our students' breadth of character, confidence and values, allowing them to make the most of their future.

Our College is proud of our progressive and diverse reputation.  In our short history we have established ourselves as a welcoming, inclusive community where students from all walks of life and backgrounds learn and achieve together. Our strong school community extends to supportive families, wonderful staff, Parents' and Citizens' Association and our valued network of Stretton alumnae, who continue to come back to the College to mentor and inspire our students.

Arguably, however, the most impressive feature of our College is our students! They exercise their talents and skills to lead the school, work to make a positive contribution to their school and wider community, and demonstrate vast amounts of school spirit, collegiality and friendliness in their interactions within the community.  It is expected that Stretton students will be kind people who will care for one another, and they do.

Our Stretton SPIRIT values guide every decision we make, and are the standards to which we hold ourselves accountable. 

I hope to see you at Stretton in the near future.

Last reviewed 19 February 2023
Last updated 19 February 2023