2022 Illaweena Campus BYOD Information


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a term used to describe a digital device ownership model where students use a personally-owned device to support their learning.

In 2021, the expectation for students in years 3 – 12 is that they will bring their own device to school to use in each of their classes.  

Requirements - What do I need to do?

To participate in our BYOD Program, you must: 

  • have a suitable device that meets our minimum device specifications,
  • install the required software and applications on this device,
  • ensure your child’s device is connected to the school Wi-Fi network by following the BYOx Link instructions below before the device is used onsite at school,
  • you and your child must sign and return the 2022_Illlaweena_BYOD_Learning-Expectations and Participants Agreement.pdf and return this to the Illaweena Administration,
  • complete the Online Services Consent Form that will be emailed to parents after school resumes in 2021.

Minimum Device Specifications

Minimum device specifications have been identified to ensure the students can access the resources and software used in their classes.  Stretton State College will update the BYOD technical specifications each year.   There is no expectation that students update their device each year.  We believe in most circumstances, devices that meet our minimum device specifications will last for three years. The recommended device specifications below are relevant for those joining the program for the first time in 2021 or any new devices purchased for 2021.



Software and Applications

A list of required software is identified at the end of the device specifications document (see above).  It is an expectation that all students in the BYOD program have the software installed on their device for the start of the school year.  In addition to this software, some subjects will require the installation of additional software.    

BYOx Link

The following links contains videos on how to set up your child’s device for use with the college.
If you are unsure of your student’s email address or password, then please make contact with their class teacher.

WINDOWS LAPTOP - BYOxLink - How to guide - Windows - Enrol your BYO device into Intune 

APPLE LAPTOP -  BYOxLink - How to Guide - MacOS - Enrol your BYO device Intune 

iPAD - BYOxLink - How to guide - iOS - Enrol your BYO device into Intune

BYOxLink - Parent Fact Sheet - How to get your childs device ready for school - V1.0.pdf

Student Learning Expectations and Participant's Agreement

The BYOD Learning Expectations are intended to be a student friendly version of the BYOD Handbook that is available at the bottom of this page. This is a great opportunity to review the BYOD expectations with your child.

Please print, sign and return this to the Illaweena Administration Office.

2022_Illlaweena_BYOD_Learning-Expectations and Participants Agreement.pdf

Online Services Consent Form

The 2021 Online Service Consent Form is to inform you about the third party websites used in our school and to seek your permission to use them with your child.  The websites identified in the form are sites that may require and store student information.  Each has different terms and conditions for use with some seeking more information than others.

We will always share as little information as we can, however this may include: student name, student ID, age, year group, class teacher and student email.  We use this permission to create accounts for students or to allow students to create accounts to access websites that we feel offer valuable learning opportunities.

This is completed online using Department of Education software, links to complete this will be email to parents after school resumes in 2021.

BYOD Documentation

2022 BYOD Handbook.pdf

Last reviewed 24 August 2021
Last updated 24 August 2021