Sports Academy Excellence Program



The Stretton State College Sports Academy provides an opportunity for athletes in Years 4-12 to develop their skills and compete at a high level in Football, Rugby League, Touch Football and Volleyball. Students train for the duration of the year in their chosen sport and have the opportunity to participate in local, state and interstate competitions. Students in the Sports Academy also attend a sports excellence camp at the BLK Performance Centre at Runaway Bay. In 2019, the Sports Academy embarked on its inaugural International Tour where 18 Rugby League students and 3 staff travelled to Fiji with Petero Civoniceva's Fiji Tours.  


The Stretton State College Football Academy aims at providing students with unprecedented opportunities to learn, develop and refine their football skills and knowledge as they take the journey in becoming an elite athlete. To do so, we offer superior football coaching and targeted support for balancing academic, sporting and career goals. We aim to help young players grow & develop their skills and understanding of the game and help each individual player reach their maximum potential, both on & off the pitch. 

Our coaching staff have extensive experience in youth development. In utilizing their experience and passion for Football, our aim is to produce players of a high technical level, with strong tactical understanding and a love of the game. 

2022 Football Academy Structure 

  • Gowan Girls (Year 4-6)
  • Gowan Boys (Year 4-6)
  • Illaweena Girls (Year 7-12)
  • Illaweena Boys (Year 7-12)

Rugby League

Students within the Rugby League program are given the opportunity to achieve academic success while developing the essential skills of the game, with pathways to compete in Rugby League competitions across South East Queensland. Further to this, the program allows students to build essential life skills, encouraging participants to become an active part of their local community. 

The program is offered to students in Years 4-12, catering for both boys and girls. Students in Year 7-12 have the opportunity to study rugby league as a subject, which aligns to the Health and Physical Education curriculum. 

In order to be successful in the program, students are expected to maintain high levels of academic achievement, effort and behaviour within all subject areas. Students are also expected to engage in all extra-curricular engagements provided by the program. 

The program focuses on teamwork and team culture, encouraging increased participation levels of students at all Rugby League ability levels. The success of students will not simply be measured by on-field results but instead by focussing on student's growth as 'athletes', looking at improved skill sets and execution in competition. In order to develop this, students will take part in strength and conditioning development and participate in on and off the field sessions with experts in the field. 

2022 Rugby League Academy Structure

  • Gowan Girls (Year 4-6)
  • Gowan Boys (Year 4-6)
  • Illaweena Girls (Year 7-12)
  • Illaweena Boys (Year 7-12)

Touch Football

The aim of the Touch Football program is to develop individual skill execution in Touch Football whilst establishing a positive and resilient culture based on respect for self, respect for team and respect for College. The Touch Academy will build common core language and skill acquisition from a foundation level to experienced executioner. 

The Touch Football program prides itself on developing resilient and responsible young people through developing their Touch Football skills while focusing on team work, perseverance and leadership. Students develop a sense of responsibility through managing both sporting and academic commitments. 

In 2019, the Touch Football Academy entered and was competitive in seven different South East Queensland competitions. Impressively, our U15 Boys team were successful in entering the National Youth Championship for the first time and were National Champions in their division. Our U15 Boys also took out the title at the Brisbane All School's Touch competition. 

In 2020, we have partnered with Queensland Touch to bring our students the Q Performance Academy. Queensland Touch coaches provide our students with additional high quality training sessions throughout the year. 

2022 Touch Football Academy Structure

  • Gowan Girls (Year 4-6)
  • Gowan Boys (Year 4-6)
  • Illaweena Girls (Year 7-12)
  • Illaweena Boys (Year 7-12)


The Volleyball Academy aims to develop and grow passionate and successful volleyball players and provide them with opportunities to compete in Regional, State and National Competitions. As an Academy, our core values are Family, Grit and Excellence. The Academy thrives because of the supportive family environment that has been built over the years and is at the forefront of everything we do. We encourage our students to set high expectations for themselves while showing grit and determination on and off the court. 

We sit in a unique position as a P-12 College, allowing our primary students the opportunity to learn the skills of the game and develop the passion for the sport from an early age. Our program caters for students in Years 4-12. 

Our Volleyball Academy has competed at Queensland Volleyball Schools Cup and Australian Volleyball Schools Cup over the last eight years. In 2019, Stretton State College finished 30th overall out of 125 schools at the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup with our Year 11 Girls Team winning a Bronze medal.  

2022 Volleyball Academy Structure

  • Gowan Girls (Year 4-6)
  • Gowan Boys (Year 4-6)
  • Illaweena Girls (Year 7-12)
  • Illaweena Boys (Year 7-12)

Sports Academy Application and Selection Process

​Selection Procedure

A requirement of the application process is to provide a copy of the applicant's most recent Academic report cards. Academic achievement, behaviour and effort results will be taken into consideration when selections are made. 

Applicants for all programs are required to trial in Term 3, 2022.  


Rugby League - Application and Trial Process

Application information and trial dates for the 2023 Rugby League Academy will be published on this page during 2022. 


Football - Application and Trial Process​

Application information and trial dates for the 2023 Football Academy will be published on this page during 2022. 

Touch Football - Application and Trial Process​

Application information and trial dates for the 2023 Touch Football Academy will be published on this page during 2022. 


Volleyball - Application and Trial Process​

Application information and trial dates for the 2023 Volleyball Academy will be published on this page during 2022.  ​

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Last updated 10 December 2021